Novice must see: proxy server use full Raiders

                  The proxy server is a server between the browser and the web server. When you browse the Internet through the proxy server, the browser does not directly retrieve the web page from the web server, but sends a request to the proxy server, which is sent by the proxy server. Retrieve the information you need from your browser and send it to your browser.

Where can I find an agent? The most primitive method is to use software to search for a network segment, but such a search proxy server can be very time consuming. Usually, everyone will not tell others about the proxy server they use often, because the speed of using more people will naturally be slower. However, there are many websites and forums that provide free proxy server addresses. You can use your search engine to check Proxy or free agents to find many similar websites.

comes to search agent software devaluation proxy hunter, wizard-style online help, even if you are the first use should also be much of a problem does not exist. The specific steps are as follows:

1. From the online list to as many agents as possible (preferably all available), save as one. The text file of the txt suffix has the following format:


(The above addresses are all examples)

2. Use the agent hunter to the "Search Results" page, click "Import Results" to import the proxy list in .txt format.

3. Click the "System" button and select "Parameter Settings".

4. Set the two timeout parameters in the "Authentication Settings" item on the "Search Authentication Settings" page.

5. Finally, of course, the Internet checksum.

free, fast, and stable proxy is a good proxy. In the agent hunter 3.0 or later, the verification time column is "time characteristic", and the display is similar to this: "0.9│1.3│2.6", "26.3│0.0│26.3", these three times represent: connection time, first time receiving data Time, total verification time. Of course, the smaller the better. There are many factors that determine the speed of an agent, mainly:

1. The network where the free proxy server is located. The big home proxy is mainly for going abroad. Therefore, the bandwidth of the export offices of the four major networks directly determines the speed of the proxy. Performance

2. proxy server. The previous article mentioned that the proxy is just a big cache, so its hard disk size and network bandwidth will affect the speed. This is the same as your own machine.

3. proxy server between your machine distance. Proxies are primarily for specific objects, and their geographic distribution is usually not too broad. And the vast number of netizens will not be far from the proxy you use. Naturally, the farther away, the slower the speed.

4. case you visit the site. This is also the reason that affects the speed of the proxy. If you want to visit the other party's site, you should naturally focus on the other party's standards, just like two modems with different speeds. Unfortunately, many netizens often ignore this point.
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