NT Server Frequently Asked Questions Jinghua


1. Format two hard drives into a drive letter in NT.
Combine multiple HDs into one logical drive with RAID technology.
Management Tools->Disk Management->Disk Partition->Create a volume set, press ctr to select the hard disk you want to merge. Love
situation, see help. Use Disk Administrator to create a volum spreading multiple

2. Hard disk has data to convert to format. Is it OK? How long does it take?
Use the command
convert c:/fs: ntfs or PQMAGIC can be freely converted

3. How to make NT4 (WKS) emergency repair disk or boot disk?
Emerency repair disk: rdisk
boot disk: winnt32 /ox

4. I want to set it all to NTFS, how to install it? NTFS and FAT32 which is better?
a. Have you installed NT? If so, you can enter the CONVERT command at the command prompt to convert or use the
PQMAGIC software. If you have not already started, you will be prompted to choose which file system to use during the installation process. In NT,
I still think it is better to use NTFS.
b. Of course, you can use the NT CD to make three installation disks, start the machine with the disk, follow the prompts to install gradually, when prompted to use
which hard disk partition to install NT, you can set to use C: disk installation, and Convert the disk to NTFS. After installing NT, format the remaining
partitions into NTFS or convert to NTFS.
I personally think that NTFS is better than FAT32, because NTFS is more secure than FAT32, and FAT32 is not supported under NT4. NT2000 is supported. But in terms of disk space utilization, FAT32 can save you a lot of space between
. NTFS also has its drawbacks, disk read and write speed is slower than FAT.

5. The device driver generates an error
It is not clear, it is estimated that your nt has a problem with the service installed, look at the "Control Panel" "Services" which have
which should be started but However, there is no service to start, such as RAS, DHCP, etc. If there is, delete it and try to install it again. There is also a problem with your hardware security, such as the driver of the network card can only slowly according to the actual situation

6. Can I use a large hard disk in NT4 (I am QT 8th generation 8.4G)?
You can use another machine with NT installed to partition, otherwise it can only be installed directly. Divided into 4G one disk.

7. How can I not find Modem's com under NT?
You can install Standard Modem. If you can't, your motherboard may be parallel. ASUS TX97 has experienced this situation. NT only shows the COM being used. It is not necessarily displayed in NT. NT does not recognize it. You can connect the MODEM to the COM
and try again. You can create a port in the control plane, create a COM3 for MODEM.

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