How to use the betta fish TV live partner? Betta fish TV live companion tutorial

Now that the webcast is becoming more and more popular, many friends have started to broadcast live. A friend is asking how to use the betta fish live broadcast partner? What is the method? Today, Xiao Bian brings you the latest version of the betta fish tv live companion method tutorial list, friends who want to know to come and see. Betta fish TV live tutorial: 1, login Betta live companion Betta live companion currently only supports Betta account login, third-party account login software need to change the password at the following address: The account is filled with the nickname of the fish. After the modification, you can log in with this account and password. 2, live companion settings Click on the settings icon in the lower right corner of the live companion interface, you can see the live chat companion about video, live and device settings. The quick setting is the fast live setting that Betta specializes for novice anchors. For users whose uplink speed (upload speed in the above test results) is 2 or higher, select HD live broadcast for users with an uplink speed between 1.2 and 1.9, and select SD live broadcast for users with an uplink speed between 0.9 and 1.2. Live 3, Live Screen Preparation Main Screen Settings You can select the main screen of your live broadcast through the following three buttons in the lower left corner of the companion interface. When using the "Choose a Game" feature, open the game you want to broadcast, go to the game play interface, and then click the Select Game icon to select your game. (Currently the partner only supports: WOW, CF, lol, dnf, Tianya Mingyue knife, dota2 perfect version, sword spirit, FIFAonine3, famine, battle of gods, Guild Wars 2, Fantasy Westward Journey, StarCraft 2, Hearthstone, Warcraft) For other games, please choose to capture the screen or select the window function, and set the game to be borderless or windowed. After selecting the main screen, please adjust the size of the main screen in the live companion preview box (for the main screen, right button, full screen can be covered). Screen decoration settings You can use the button to modify your live screen: insert video , insert a camera, insert text, and insert an image. 4, start the live broadcast Step 1: Click the "Enter the live broadcast" button, open the live broadcast room to the personal live room page. Step 2: Click the "Start Live" button to start the live broadcast. Step 3: Click “Open Barrage Assistant” to open the barrage assistant. The barrage assistant can receive the barrage sent by the audience in the live broadcast. The anchor can interact with the user without switching. The settings of the Barrage Assistant are in the right-click list. The barrage frame supports locking and stretching size (the mouse cannot select the barrage frame after locking, avoiding incorrect operation during game play).
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