Why does the U disk pull out and cause the computer to crash?

When I operate the USB flash drive, I accidentally cause the computer to crash. I think that I have not transferred anything before I exit the USB flash drive. How can I cause the computer to crash? At this time, the computer must be pressed and pressed to restart. After restarting the computer, there is no problem. Then, when we pull the USB flash drive, we must pay special attention to the operation steps of the USB flash drive. introduce. 1. Double-click the Safely Remove Hardware icon on the taskbar, and the “Safely Remove Hardware” screen appears. 2. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to bring up the “Task Manager”; 3. End the explorer. Exe process, at this time, the "task bar" on the desktop disappears; 4. Click the "Safely Remove Hardware" dialog box to "stop" button, when prompted "Safely remove hardware" text When prompted, you can unplug the USB plug; 5. Then click “File(F)”→“New Task (Run …)” on the “Task Manager” menu, enter “ Explorer.exe”, then press Enter, and the taskbar appears. The five points mentioned above are the precautions when operating the USB flash drive from the computer. When the USB flash drive is pulled out, it will cause the computer to crash. This is a phenomenon that many users have encountered, so if there is no problem after restarting the computer. You need to pay attention to the way the U disk is pulled out. I hope to help you after reading it. This article comes from [System Home] www.xp85.com
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