Word Text Recovery Converter Using Tutorial

How to use Word text recovery converter? When we use the word process, sometimes because some formats are not garbled, then we should use the word text recovery converter to fix it. Today Xiaobian brings you: Word text recovery converter using the tutorial word text recovery converter using the tutorial: the last paragraph symbol of the word document records the format information of the entire document, sometimes deleting these format information can be restored into garbled document. 1. After opening the damaged document, click the “Tools/Options” menu, select the “Edit” label, uncheck the “Use smart paragraph selection range” checkbox, and click the button. . This will fix the file. 2. Select everything except the last paragraph, and then paste the contents into a new word file. The above is the entire content of the word text recovery converter, if you encounter such problems, you can try the above methods, generally can be successful! Xiaobian recommended "Office2015 download" This article comes from [system home] www.xp85.com
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