Master computer knowledge, let you play your own computer


First of all, to understand certain hardware knowledge. Many people just started to learn the computer and hold the textbooks such as DOS or WINDOWS operation guide. They sit in front of the computer and use the commands on the textbook one by one. In this case, how can you master the operation of the computer hardware without knowing the operation? For example, if you don’t understand the concept of memory and hard disk, it is difficult to understand the difference between the save and the un-disk, and the effect on the hard disk and floppy disk is not understood. It's hard to understand when to use a floppy disk and when to use a hard disk. Since many of the operations of the application system are for hardware, mastery of the hardware can promote the learning of the application software. Second, you must have a clear understanding of the software you want to learn. Computer software is divided into system software and application software. Application software is software that can solve a specific problem directly for users. It must be based on system software. The system software is software that manages the computer and provides the operating environment of the application software. Such as DOS, WINDOWS belongs to the operating system software, their role is to achieve the management of computer hardware and software; Foxbase, Visual FoxPro, etc. for the database management system; and WPS, WORD for the word processing software, they belong to the word processing software; Photoshop It is image processing software and so on. Learning computer operation is actually the operation of computer software. Before you learn a new software, you need to know which type of software it belongs to and what it can do for us. Third, we must learn to meet the needs. To do everything, we must grasp the main contradiction. There are tens of millions of computer software. It is impossible for one person to learn every kind of software, but it is necessary to have their own learning purpose, whether it is typesetting and word processing, or application database for enterprise management. Or engaged in image art design and so on. If the purpose of learning is clear, you can take less detours. As long as you have the necessary knowledge, we can use our computers to handle our own business. Fourth, choose popular brand-name software in the same kind of software. It is very time-consuming and labor-intensive to learn to use a software skillfully, especially the practical software with strong functions. Therefore, if you meet the needs, try to choose the more popular brand-name software, and the software products designed by using such software are convenient. Communication; and such software has strong vitality, good technical support and version upgrade capability, so as to avoid the situation that you have spent a lot of software, but it has been eliminated. Fifth, the combination of theory and practice. Computer learning must not leave the computer, just look at the software manual is not learned. But you can't help but read the manual and only operate it on your computer (except, of course, using educational software). Under normal circumstances, it is advisable to take half of the time for learning materials and computer operations. First learn the teaching materials, write the operation plan on the machine, and then operate on the machine, remember the problem that you do not understand, then go back to the textbook to find the answer or ask others, and then try to solve the problem. After such learning, your computer level will definitely improve quickly. Sixth, you should read extensively and learn some necessary operating system knowledge. When you study, you should choose a better computer textbook according to your learning purpose (please ask experienced people to help you choose). You should read more computer-oriented newspapers and magazines. Maybe you have already answered the questions you have encountered. You can avoid them. Take a detour. Seventh, for those who have just touched the computer, you should first record the position of each key on the keyboard. You don't have to remember what the keys are for, and the software you will learn later will naturally understand. It is necessary to have a correct sitting posture when tapping the keyboard. It is necessary to have a division of labor when tapping the keyboard fingers with both hands, and develop good operating habits from the beginning. Secondly, we must learn a Chinese character input method. This is the basic requirement for further learning of any other software. Especially for those who spend money on the machine, they can improve the keyboard tapping speed and effectively use the time to learn new knowledge. Eighth, regarding the working conditions of the computer, the operating procedures must be understood and strictly enforced. It is more important than learning any computer knowledge. Damage to the computer is not the purpose of learning the computer.

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