What if the Win10 system does not recognize the USB device?


The mobile storage capacity we usually use is generally a device using a USB interface. Some netizens use a USB flash drive to find that the USB flash drive is plugged into the computer and will prompt that the USB device cannot be recognized. This will result in the file in the user's USB flash drive. It can't be used for a while, and even the device such as the mouse and keyboard can't be used because the USB device is not recognized. What causes the USB interface to not recognize the USB device?
Reasons for unrecognized USB devices and solutions

First, third-party software interference

May be caused by third-party software interference, it is recommended that you uninstall all third-party anti-virus optimization software, and then Do a clean boot and see if the issue still occurs.

1. Press the Win key + R at the same time, enter msconfig and press Enter.

2, the & ldquo; System Configuration & rdquo; dialog & ldquo; Services & rdquo; tab, click or click to select & ldquo; Hide All Microsoft Services & rdquo; checkbox, then Tap or click “all to disable. (If you have fingerprint recognition enabled, please do not turn off the service).

3, in & ldquo; System Configuration & rdquo; dialog & ldquo; Start & rdquo; tab, click the & ldquo; open the Task Manager & rdquo ;.

4, in the Task Manager & ldquo; Start & rdquo; tab for each startup item, select the item and click the start & ldquo; & rdquo ;. disabled

5, Close & ldquo; Task Manager & rdquo ;.

6. On the "Startup" tab of the "System Configuration" dialog box, click “OK" and restart the computer.

If the clean boot USB devices can recognize, it is recommended to open items one by one to find software startup item is causing the problem uninstall it.

Second, update the USB driver

In some cases, the USB controller driver will not recognize the USB device if it is not installed, such as USB3.0 interface, such as your computer is MAC , then you need to update the bootcamp to the latest version, please check your USB device driver and update it.

Alternatively, you can delete the USB Root Hub in Device Manager and then check for updates.

Third, check the USB interface for problems

Replace the USB interface test.

Unrecognized USB device failure In addition to the above, it may be because the U disk purchased by the user is not officially produced. The best way to distinguish such U disk is to open the U disk case, if inside. The circuit board is covered with wires, and the failure of the USB device cannot be recognized from time to time.

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