How can I install the password in the Win10 system to install the software?


Nowadays, online downloading software often has a lot of malicious bundled software. When installing a software, there will be a lot of unrelated software installed on your computer, which is very annoying. In fact, we can set the password to install the software, so how to set it up? Let's take a look at the Win10 system setup password to install the software.

The details are as follows:

1. Right click and —— select [Run].

2, the operation box, enter gpedit.msc Enter. After

3, open the [Local Group Policy Editor] window, and then expand Computer Configuration & mdash; & mdash; Windows settings & mdash; & mdash; security settings & mdash; & mdash; local policy & mdash; & mdash; security Option.

4, double-click [User Account Control: Admin Approval Mode elevated administrator prompt behavior]

5, select [Note] credentials, OK.

6, after the setup is complete, double-click software installation program will see the need to enter a password before the computer installation.

These are Win10 system settings entire contents of input password to install the software. If you are still worried about the bundled software, try this method!

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