Win10 installations rose to 53 million: market share reached 4.95%

August 18 news, last week, IT House reported that the global Win10 installation has exceeded 50 million units. According to the latest report from foreign media, 20 days after the official release of Win10, the installed capacity of the world has reached 53 million units, and an average of 1,500 computers per second are installed with Windows 10 system.

but can also be seen, Win10 system installation volume growth is slowing. It is worth noting that Microsoft has recently pushed upgrade Win10 updates to more and more Win7 and Win8.1 users. Surprisingly, Microsoft did not push all users on the first day, but in batches, mainly to avoid network bandwidth congestion, so a large number of people have not yet received the official Win10 update. Notice.
In addition, the survey agency StatCounter claims that the current Win10 market share has risen to 4.95%, which is obtained through the statistics of millions of website visits, so it has certain reference value. (via: Microsoft-News)

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