How to uninstall Win10 Win10 uninstall software four steps to get


In fact, Win10 uninstall software is only four steps, it is simpler than Win7. Here are four ways to get the Win10 uninstall software.

1. Right click on the “Windows icon” in the lower left corner of the Win10 desktop, and select “Programs and Functions” in the pop-up menu, as shown below:
Program and function

2, you can quickly open the Win10 program and function interface, at this point we can find the application installed on the Win10 computer, we find the name of the application that needs to be uninstalled, use the mouse to right click on the name, then you can see “Uninstall & rdquo; operation, we click [uninstall], as shown below.
Select Uninstall/Change

3. After clicking Uninstall, an uninstaller confirmation dialog will pop up. We click [Yes] to confirm the uninstallation, as shown below.

4, Finally, we wait for the uninstallation to complete, then you can see the uninstallation completion prompt, and successfully completed the Win10 software uninstall, as shown below.

The above is the whole process of Win10 uninstall software tutorial, easy to get four simple steps.

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