Win7 how to set the window text background color is white by default

In Win7 system, the background color of all text is white by default, can it be set to our own favorite color? Of course it is possible, below with Xiaobian Take a look at the settings.
The method is as follows:
1, first we right click on the desktop anywhere, select personalization;

2, then select the window color;

3, then select advanced Appearance settings;

4, click "Desktop", select "window";

5, then select the color, click other, you can customize;

6. Select the color that you think is appropriate, then click Add to custom color;

7, then select the color point to determine;

8, now we can see that the color of the window text has changed Now, we click OK;

9, find an article to see if the color has changed.
In addition to setting the background color of the window text, we can also set the background color of the folder! Friends who like the personalized system will act quickly.

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