Word2007 slowdown solution

Familiar interface and gorgeous appearance, let us start Office2007 as the most important office platform a few years ago, replacing the classic Office2003. However, the gorgeous 3D effect will also put an extra burden on our PC: Do you feel that your Word2007 startup is slow?
This is actually caused by too many Word document add-ons. We all know that too many boot items will greatly extend the time required for the operating system to start, here is the same. What we need to do is to remove the parts that are not commonly used.
First open Word2007 and follow the "Office Buttons> Word Options> Add-ons" to "Order" order to open the "COM Add-ons" form. We can see that all items are selected by default.

Next, remove the first four items, that is, "article wizard add-on", "calligraphic add-on", "slash line header wizard" and "envelope wizard". Then you can confirm. However, if we are using the same win7 operating system with a gorgeous interface, the UAC system (User Account Control) will block such operations.

The solution is to give permission, that is, “run as administrator”. Go to the Office installation directory and find the Word program. Usually it is in the directory of X:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice 12 (where X is the drive letter of the installation directory). Run WINWORD.EXE as an administrator and repeat the above steps. Finally, the actual effect. From opening the Word2007 shortcut to seeing the manuscript paper, it took about 2 seconds for the Word2007 startup to slow down.

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