Win7 computer does not have sound solution skills

If it is only a small problem, most users can solve it themselves, but Win7 is often not so good "serving", some problems that are difficult to detect on the surface can stump a large number of people. Finding someone to help is a solution, but it is not always appropriate to trouble others. Therefore, everyone should be good at using Win7's “self-healing” system to let Win7 solve its own problems.
For example, if the computer does not sound, we assume that the hardware of the computer is working properly, but the headset is not plugged in, see what the system will give us. Open the Start menu, Control Panel, in System and Security, select Find and solve the problem.

Start “Find and solve problems&<<> Open hardware and sound, under Sound Options, select Play Audio, Win7 computer has no sound solution tips in the Play Audio dialog box, click Next.

In the fault dialog box, select Headphones and click Next; at this point, it will give a diagnostic message: the peripheral is not plugged in; and a repair suggestion is given: plug in Speaker or earphones.

Get feedback
At this time, if you plug in the headphones or speakers and click the Next button, the system will automatically change the repair and give the following dialog:

Find and solve the problem
And if you don't plug in the headphones or speakers, just click the Next button and the system information will become the following:
This way, just select the options to be checked and the system will automatically help us check. And give the corresponding repair suggestions, it is more convenient than asking someone to help.

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