Create a personalized media center for Windows 7


Windows 7 Media Center brings a new experience to users, you can also create a personalized media center, MCE setup tools to achieve your dreams.

Adding a program to the media center

In the MCE settings window, open the first icon in the window, in the program information settings, enter the title, click on the right side of the thumbnail Icon, select a suitable icon, then click the Browse button in the program path to find the path to the program. After the setting is complete, click the Add button and the Media Center program is added to the main menu.

Providing shortcuts and clearing privacy for the media center

In the MCE settings window, select the shortcut and clear the privacy tab. In the shortcut settings, click the shortcut to create XX. The drop-down menu is selected among 6 options, and the fifth item is selected here. In the same way, in the cleaning MCE information setting, we press each button down, which saves space.

Add more formats to the media center

In Media Center, the supported playback formats are still relatively small. In terms of Real format, like cartoons and TV shows, it is generally Rmvb format, such a format can not be supported in Media Player, see how I operate. Also select the Video Format Support tab in the MCE Settings tool. In the extension to be supported, enter the suffix of the Real Play format, such as Rm, Rmvb, and click the Add button.

PS: If you can't play the video, it is generally not installed with a decoder such as Real. You can download the official version of Windows 7 Codecs 2.2.8, when the installer proceeds to the window shown in Figure 10. It is recommended that you choose the first item so that the Real format can be played in the media center.

Group Media Center to remove unnecessary functions

I have a problem when using the media center. For users who do not have a TV card, the recorded TV function will not work. When we can turn it off.

In the Mce settings window, select the channel and start menu tabs, tick only hide TV items, click the Apply button, restart Windows Media Center to use the new settings to take effect.

In addition, we can also open the Settings/Start menu and the add-on/add-on library in the main interface of the Media Center. We see the window, uncheck the Burn CD/DVD and click the Save button.

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