Parsing failures that cannot share files and share files under Win7


In Windows 7, many users find that sharing files with the system fails when they use the shared files of the home group. Why can't they share files? What causes the shared files to fail? What should I do if Win7 fails to share files? Look at the solution to not share files under Win7. 1. Synchronous Workgroup 1. To view or change the computer's workgroup, computer name, etc., right-click on “Computer” and select “Properties”.

2, if the relevant information needed changes, in the & ldquo; Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings & rdquo; column, click & ldquo; change the settings & rdquo ;. Click “Change”. After

3, enter the appropriate computer name /workgroup name, press the & ldquo; determining & rdquo ;, restart the computer changes to take effect.

Second, change the settings Win 7 1, open & ldquo; Control Panel Network and Internet \\\\ \\\\ Network and Sharing Center \\\\ advanced sharing settings & rdquo ;.

2, enable the & ldquo; network discovery & rdquo;, & ldquo; File and Printer Sharing & rdquo;, & ldquo; Public folder sharing & rdquo ;; & ldquo; password-protected sharing & rdquo; section please select & ldquo ; Turn off password protected sharing”.

Note: the media stream is preferably also open; In addition, the & ldquo; Family group & rdquo; section, it is recommended to select & ldquo; management allows Windows HomeGroup connection (recommended) & rdquo ;. Third, the shared object settings Now turn to the shared object, drag the files/folders that need to be shared directly to the public folder, if you need to share some specific Win7 folders, then follow the steps below: 1. Right click on this Folder, select “properties & rdquo;.

2, click on the & ldquo; Share & rdquo; tab, click & ldquo; advanced sharing & rdquo; button. After, click & ldquo;;

3, check the & ldquo; Share this folder & rdquo application & rdquo;, & ldquo; OK & rdquo; quit.

4, if a shared folder is set, it will default to all subfolders to be shared.

In front, we have turned off password protected sharing, so now to come to a shared folder security permissions to make some changes. 1. Right-click on the folder you want to share and select “Properties”. On the "Security" page, click “Edit” . Click the “Add” button.

2, according to the way you type Everyone & ldquo; OK & rdquo; quit. Check “Everyone”, check the appropriate permissions that will be given to Everyone in the permission selection bar.

Fourth, the firewall settings open the & ldquo; Control Panel /System and Security /Windows Firewall & rdquo; check the firewall settings to ensure that & ldquo; File and Printer Sharing & rdquo; Is the allowed state.

V. view shared files sequentially open & ldquo; control panel & rdquo; & gt; & ldquo; Network and Internet & rdquo; & gt; & ldquo; View network computers and devices & rdquo; & gt; & ldquo; respective computers /devices Name & rdquo;

can not share files

Win7, many reasons for the failure of file sharing, it may be the workgroup name or the shared object is not caused by incorrect settings.

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