Win7 system local connection is disabled can not be used how to solve?


Everyone in the win7 system knows that it is very important, because the local connection is necessary for us to connect to the network. If everyone's local connection display is disabled and cannot be connected, then it cannot be deactivated. Our local connection and multiple do not support the use of the protocol, disable the local connection will prompt to disable the use of the phenomenon, then how to deal with such a problem, follow the small series to solve it!

How to solve the problem of system local connection deactivation is as follows:

1. First, we find the start menu button of our computer. After clicking open, there are many options in the column. You can click this option with the mouse. , a new dialog box pops up, enter the command CMD directly in the input field of the dialog box to open the command prompt operation window.

2, in the newly opened command prompt window, enter the command netsh winsock reset catalog command, enter the Enter key.

3, then we continue to enter the command line in the netsh int ip reset reset.log command enter key; enter key is to execute the command we entered.

4, after waiting for the command to complete, everyone will close the window to accommodate and restart the computer, then we are looking at the local connection is normal, disable and open can be very convenient operation.

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