Win7 system broadband connection prompt error 738 solution


Usually we usually need dial-up connection broadband in the process of surfing the Internet to access the Internet, but recently Win7 system users reflected in the process of connecting broadband, there is a problem, the system pops up The error message 738 caused the connection to not be connected to the network. What is going on? In fact, this is because the ADSL ISP server is faulty, and the ADSL users are too many to exceed the IP address that the ISP can provide. So what should I do if the Win7 system is connected to the broadband error prompt 738? The following small series for everyone to introduce Win7 system broadband connection prompt error 738 solution.

First, analyze the reasons for the broadband connection error 738 failure: broadband connection error 738 represents the ADSL ISP server failure, ADSL users too much than the IP address that the ISP can provide.

Operation steps:

1. First, open the network and dial-up connection in the computer, then find the local connection in it, right click on the local connection, select the property option.

2, the Properties window opens in win7 system, click & ldquo; Internet Protocol (TCP /IP) & rdquo ;, then click & ldquo; Properties & rdquo; then, in the pop-up to In the window, set all the options here to get it automatically, then click OK to save the settings.

These are the Win7 system Xiaobian to introduce broadband connection error 738 solution. If you have encountered the above situation, you can follow the above steps. Once the operation is complete, there will be no errors.

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