Win7 boot can not automatically repair this computer how to solve?


Make the Win7 operating system boot prompt automatically repair, can not enter the operating system. After analysis, some systems repair the error file: X:\\Windows\\system32\\drivers\\spoon.sys. So how do you solve the problem that Win7 can't automatically repair this computer? The following small series introduces you to the solution that Win7 system can not automatically repair this computer.

Method 1:

1. Start the keyboard by tapping the keyboard <F8 & rdquo; button, go to “ system advanced option menu & rdquo; select “ last correct configuration & rdquo;; Br>

2. If you can enter the operating system frequently, please instruct the user to delete the spoon.sys file in the following path:

Method 2:

1. If you cannot pass ‘ last time Correct configuration & rsquo; Enter the operating system, please press & lsquo; F8 & rsquo; call out & lsquo; advanced boot options menu & rsquo;;

2, select & lsquo; with the command line prompt security mode & rsquo;, enter the following command Delete the spoon.sys file:

del X: windowssystem32Driversspoon.sys (X stands for the system installation letter, generally C drive)

The above is a small series for everyone to introduce Win7 boot prompts Unable to fix the solution of this computer. If the above methods are not available, please backup important data, solve it by one-click recovery or reinstall the operating system, and suspend the automatic update function of your current anti-virus software.

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