How to solve the error when Win7 shutdown?


In daily life, it is common to turn off the error, but many users do not understand, press the power button to force the shutdown, so often forced shutdown is easy to burn the hard disk, reinstall the system does not work, then encountered What should I do if Win7 shuts down? The following small series for everyone to introduce WinA shutdown error solution.


1. Press win+r to open the running window, enter eventvwr.msc, press Enter, as shown:

2. Call up the event After the viewer window, through the error report in the event viewer, you can find out which program or driver caused the Win7 shutdown error, as shown:

3, then find the program that caused the error, restart the program Start it.

The above small series for everyone to bring Win7 shutdown error solution, in fact, the operation is very simple, you can modify the registry event viewer error report to see the reason for shutdown failure, and then proceed to the right medicine.

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