Win7 system prompts can not find the file "msconfig.msc" What should I do?


In the Win7 system, we have opened the system configuration by running msconfig, which can disable functions such as programs that do not need to be run. However, some users have encountered problems, running the msconfig command can not open the system configuration, and prompted to find the file "msconfig.msc", what is going on? Let's take a look at the Win7 system prompts to find the file "lds; msconfig.msc" solution.


1. First press the “Win ​​+ R” shortcut on the keyboard to open the “Run” window, then enter “ldedit” and click OK to open the registry. ;

2, to & ldquo; registry editor & rdquo; after window, expand the & ldquo; HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - SOFTWARE - Microsoft - Windows - CurrentVersion - App Paths & rdquo ;, then App Paths project, click on the right mouse button, select & ldquo in the menu that opens; New - item & rdquo ;, and named & ldquo; MSConfig & rdquo ;;

3, then in the right window In the middle, double-click the string value of “Default” to open the “Edit String” window, and set “Value Data” to “C:\\Windows\\PCHealth\\HelpCtr\\Binaries\\MSConfig.exe” Finally, click “OK”Save.

4, after saving is complete, open the run again using the msconfig command will not prompt a pop-up error.

The above is the Win7 system prompts the file "lds; msconfig.msc" solution can not be found, if you also encountered a similar situation, may wish to try the above method.

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