How to set the tplink router password in Win7 system?


Wireless is already an important Internet channel in daily life, so every family has a router, and tplink router is one of many routers. To achieve wireless Internet access, you must set up a router. In general, in order to prevent the network from being hacked, you will also set a password. How do you set it up? Let's share with you how the Win7 system sets the tplink router password.

Setting method:

1. First, type “” in the browser, or “” and press Enter to enter the login interface, and then enter the management. members password click & ldquo; OK & rdquo; login;

2, after logging management interface found on the page & ldquo; & rdquo ;, network state where you can modify TP WiFi router WiFi password and name, as follows As shown in Figure;

3, and then to change my password TP router, we turn to open the & ldquo; advanced settings - device management - change my password & rdquo; password to modify router interface Then enter the original login password first, and then click Save when you set a new login password.

These are the Win7 system settings tplink methods router password, there are ways small series of unclear Win7 system users can give it a try, hoping to solve everyone's problems.

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