Solution for setting printer sharing cannot be saved under win7 system

As we all know, in the enterprise users, the local area network will be set up to better spread and share related documents. Of course, the printer can also be implemented under the local area network, so that all the computers in the local area network can be connected to the printer, and the files can be printed on different computers. However, some win7 users found that when setting up printer sharing under win7 system, there is a problem that cannot be saved. How should the user solve this problem? Let's look at the operation method that Xiaobian brings to everyone!
first step: we need to find and open the firewall in the control panel

Step Two:! use recommended settings or enable the firewall.

Step 3: If the above steps do not open the firewall, you can find Windows firewalle service in the service, you can start it.
Step 4: After the firewall is turned on, share the printer.
Through the above method, we can easily see that the cause of the printer settings cannot be saved is caused by the firewall settings. Users only need to modify the firewall settings to solve the problem that the printer settings cannot be saved!

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