How to set up Win7 plan tasks? Win7 set the way to schedule tasks


I believe many users know that Win7 has a built-in scheduled task function, this function can run the user's pre-set tasks, automatically run the program software at the time set by the user, this Features bring us a lot of convenience. So, how to set up the Win7 plan task? Below, we look together.

Method /Steps

1. Open the Start menu and enter the words "Scheduled Tasks" in the search box, as shown.

2. After enter OK, it will pop up a scheduled task settings panel, as shown in FIG.

3. Click on the Create Basic Task option shown.

4. Enter the task name and description, and clicks the Next button, as shown in FIG.

5. Select the frequency of daily task reminders, and click Next, as shown in FIG.

6. set the time, as shown in FIG.

These are the set of scheduled tasks Win7 method, by the above settings, until the point in time you set, the system will automatically run the task you have set.

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