Win7 can not shut down the machine solution


Computer shut down, I believe everyone has encountered it! There are many factors in the computer shut down. It may be poisoned, it may be a system problem, it may be a hardware problem, or it may be a setup problem, so we have to exclude one by one. There are Win7 system users, and often encounter computers can not turn off the machine, every time you have to press the forced shutdown button, how to solve this problem? Let me introduce to you the solution that Win7 can't turn off the machine.

The solution is as follows:

First, the possibility of poisoning. If the computer may be poisoned and can't shut down the machine, you need to download the 360 ​​security guards, then the Trojans will be stunned, click on the full antivirus, one can't let go, then continue to use the computer after killing, if you can shut down normally, then congratulations, If not, proceed to the next step.

Second, the configuration file is fixed. If the anti-virus can not be solved, it is necessary to carry out this step, the configuration file to be repaired, the specific operation may be more troublesome, everyone will look at it patiently.

1. In the first small step, click the “Start” icon on the bottom left of the computer, and then type “>;“regedit” in the “Search Programs and Files” box to see the results click &ldquo ; OK & rdquo;, then the settings box will pop up.

In the Settings box, find HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\policies and click on the <quo;system” folder, then double-click the “shutdownwithoutlogon” item on the right.

After double-clicking, a setting box will pop up. In the box, change the base number to hexadecimal and change the value to “1“.

2, the second small step, click on the bottom left “ start & rdquo; icon, then enter “gpedit.msc” in the "search programs and files", and then click on the search results “ OK & rdquo; button. Bounce a setting box.

In the settings box, find the “user configuration——administrative template, and then click, the right side will appear “start”menu and taskbar, double click, double click will pop up the setting box, in the new On the right side of the Settings box, find the Delete and Block “Shutdown”,“Restart”,“Sleep” and “hibernate'; commands in the "Start” menu are available. After double-clicking, the setting “ is disabled.

Third, check —— exit Windows” whether the sound file has been destroyed. If the above method still does not solve your problem, then proceed to the third step. In the & rdquo; control panel & ldquo; find & rdquo; hardware and sound & ldquo; find & rdquo; sound & ldquo;, click into, and then find & rdquo; program event & ldquo; inside the "close program " ldquo;, modify below, the sound is no , click OK.

The above is the solution that Win7 can't turn off the machine. If the above method can't solve the problem for you, it may be hardware or system problem. It is recommended that you reinstall the system or send it to the repair company for repair. . I hope I can help you.

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