Why are some pages not open? Win7 web page can not open the solution


When browsing the web page under Win7 system, if all the web pages can not be opened, then most of the problems are network problems. The problem is that some friends have encountered this situation, and some web pages can Open, and some pages can not be opened, the pages that can not be opened can be opened in other computers, what is going on? Why do some webpages fail to open, and the following small series will give you a solution to the webpage.


Single or multiple web pages are not open, and these websites are open to others.

Cause Analysis

1. Browser Settings Reasons

Too many browser plugins, browser add-ons, and IE settings errors can cause similar failures.

2, browser plug-in reasons

Sometimes due to reasons within the browser cache will cause similar failures.

3, system junk file reasons

In the process of using the computer, there are often a lot of temporary files, these temporary files can let us access these files to the maximum speed, but Sometimes we keep accessing the previous files, not the latest ones. If some of the pages are not open, the temporary files will not be opened until many hours or days later. It can be opened again after deletion.

4, system setup reasons

If the hosts file set the domain name to turn, or the computer has a similar domain name interception software.

5, dns server reasons

If the website has been changed recently, this situation may have been recorded by the local dns server, so the local line will generally not open this website.

The system also has a dns cache, or it may be the local system dns cache.

6, website server reasons

The website server, such as the ban on the IP address of the local computer, will also cause this kind of failure, this situation can not be resolved, can only contact the site Administrator.

Note: For example, if this IP is frequently advertised, it will be directly banned by some webmasters.

Restore Browser Settings Method

1. Step 1: Click “Run” in the Windows Start menu and type “inetcpl.cpl” in the open run window. determine.

Note: The above methods are all versions of WIndows. All versions of IE can be opened with this method.

You can right-click on the desktop IE icon to select the property. In addition, you can open the IE browser directly and click the IE option under the IE browser menu bar tool. In addition to this, you can open the control panel directly, and the IE option can also be opened in the control panel.

2, in the open & ldquo; Internet Properties & rdquo; window, click & ldquo; Superior & rdquo; tab, and locate and click & ldquo under the Advanced tab; reset & rdquo ; button.

3, in the newly opened & ldquo; Reset Internet Explorer Settings & rdquo; window, check in & ldquo; Delete personal settings & rdquo; checkbox and click & ldquo; reset & rdquo; Button.

4, after the completion of the above settings, close all browsers, then re-open, not open again before the browser to see if the site can now normal access? If these partial pages are still unable to open then look down.

Clean up the browser plugin method

1. Open the IE browser and click on “Manage Add-ons” under the IE Browser Toolbar tool.

2, in the open & ldquo; Manage Add-ons & rdquo; window, find the need to use plug-ins, right select Disable.
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