Win7 prohibits the boot prompt "Windows detects a hard disk problem" method


There is a Win7 system user report, the computer will always pop up after the computer starts "Windows detects a hard disk problem", such a prompt box, but this has no effect on the system operation. So I want to ban it, but I don't know how to ban it? In fact, there will be such problems, most of which are caused by bad sectors on the hard disk. If you feel that the hard drive does not matter, then follow the steps below to disable this prompt box! However, it should be noted that try not to put useful information on the hard drive! Otherwise there is a possibility of loss.

1, right-click on the & ldquo; Computer & rdquo; select & ldquo; management & rdquo ;;

2, open Computer Management, locate the & ldquo; Task Scheduler & rdquo; ;

3, expand the left of Microsoft & mdash; & mdash; Windows & mdash; & mdash; Diskdianostic;

4, the middle of the window, click on the & ldquo; Microsoft Windows DiskDiagnosticResolver & rdquo ;, right-click the select & ldquo; property & rdquo ;;

5, switching to the & ldquo; trigger & rdquo ;, By clicking the & ldquo; edit & rdquo; button;

6 , cancel the “ enable & rdquo; check and click OK.

These are the Win7 ban "Windows has detected a hard disk problem" prompt way, through the above steps, the prompt will not appear.

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