Win7 notebook to build a WiFi hotspot error 1061 how to deal with?


This is a time of WiFi, many users will create WiFi hotspots in laptops, but there are user feedback, laptops in the Win7 system to establish WiFi hotspots appeared 1061 errors, the following small series will introduce you to Win7 notebooks to build WiFi hotspots There was a response to the 1061 error.

Operation steps:

1. First click on the control panel in the start menu, then first change the type in the upper right corner of the control panel to a large icon, and then click “Administrative Tools”

2, then click on the list of & ldquo; services & rdquo; option;

3, then pop up in the service interface, locate and double-click & ldquo on the left ; internet Connection sharing & rdquo; entry;

4, then set the startup type to & ldquo; automatic & rdquo; you can, then restart the computer to effect the next build will not appear when shared wifi The 1061 is wrong.

These are the Win7 laptop to create WiFi hotspots 1061 wrong solution appears on Win7 network share error problem, we can refer to: Win7 network share 1061 error how to do?

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