Win7 system C disk file access denied solution


Win7 open file, folder or C drive, prompt "reject access", this is usually because your permissions are not enough, if you want to continue to access these locations To replace the higher permissions, the following is a detailed description of the Win7 system C disk file access denied solution. The reason

a, Win7 C disk access denied:

1, the virus that causes the computer folder deny access

Some stubborn virus is usually hidden in files like In some folders, if there is a virus in the computer, it may damage the management rights, resulting in the access folder being rejected. Therefore, the folder is denied access. First check if the virus is corrupted. Use some mainstream anti-virus software. Both can fix the problem.

2, user permissions are not enough

Many user computers may not log in using the administrator account, but use the Guest guest account to log in, so that some system important files may not be accessed. Permissions, so you should check this type of problem, or it may be that the administrative user did not add permissions for this folder.

Second, Win7 C disk denied access solution:

Re-establishing an Administrators account on the line

Specific steps:

1. Start - programs - accessories - command prompt - right - run as administrator

2. enter the net user administrator /active: yes to

create one of their own account:

Enter net user under DOS Your account name Your password (may not be added) /add Previous12Next page Total 2 pages

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