The Win7 system can not be loaded after the boot and the background is black.


The Win7 system is relatively stable compared to other systems before and after, but there are some problems in the use of Win7. For example, after booting, the screen is black and cannot be loaded to the desktop. What should we do at this time?

1, the first to use the restart of the way to try to solve the problem, very often, is the most universal way to restart. If not, try the following solutions again;

2. Press ctrl+alt+del on the keyboard, then select “Start Task Manager” below, so you can open win7 Pro. The task manager window of the system computer;

3, press win+r to open the running window, press ENTER and press Enter to open the registry editor;

4, in In the open Registry Editor window, expand the following registry item HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Winlogon in the menu on the left, and find and double-click the shell file in the right window;

5. In the pop-up settings window, modify the value data to explorer.exe, and then confirm to exit the settings window.

After the Win7 system is powered on, the black screen can't load the desktop. The solution step is this. Similar problems can be solved by this method. If there is no desktop, add the desktop item in the task manager.

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