How to solve the error when Win7 starts Windows Event Log service?


The Windows Event Log service in Win7 system records the error messages sent by the program and the system in the log, which also contains some useful diagnostic information. Usually, This service is disabled, but sometimes we still need to start the service if the network cannot be started. Some Win7 users find the 4201 error dialog box when manually enabling the Windows Event Log service. How to solve the situation?

Recommended: The latest Win7 system


1. Open Win7 system, then open C:\\windows\\system32\\logfiles\\ Wmi\\RTbackup folder, right click and select “properties”. In the RTbackup properties panel, switch to the "Security" tab, under Group or User Name, click the “Edit” button.

2, then at & ldquo; selected user or group & rdquo; window, the input SYSTEM, and then click the OK button. Return to the RTbackup Permissions window. Under SYSTEM Permissions, set “Full Control" to “Allow” and click the OK button.

3, in the pop-up windows security window, click the OK button, and finally restart the Windows Event Log service.

This way you can enable the Windows Event Log service, but under normal circumstances, Xiaobian recommends that you disable the Windows Event Log service, because most of the time it won't be useful, but if you are online or at In the LAN, it is recommended to set it to “automatic” so that it does not affect other network-related services.

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