Tips for replacing lock screen background wallpaper under windows 7


In Microsoft's new win8 system, a lot of beautification links have been added, among which lock screen wallpaper is one of them. The beautiful interface makes users feel excited, so whether it can be used in the mature and stable win7 system. Experience this kind of operation? Let's explore it together.

Operation steps:

First, click “Start”, enter "ldedit" in the empty box (not including the outer quotes) (can also win +R, pop up Run the program and enter “Regedit”); then click the “OK” button to open the Registry Editor.

Second, then navigate to the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Authentication/LogonUI/Background" branch; you will find a double-byte value called "OEMBackground" If not, you can create a new one. Finally, right-click the double-byte value and select Modify to change its value to 1. Change the value of OEMBackground. If it is 0, it means that the OEM background is not used. Only the Windows default background is used. If it is 1, it means the OEM background is used.

Third, the next is to replace the system default with the wallpaper of your choice, first find the directory of the lock screen wallpaper, it is here: C: WindowsSystem32oobeinfobackgrounds; by default the infobackgrounds directory does not exist, We need to create these two folders ourselves, and then put your favorite lock screen wallpaper here: C:WindowsSystem32oobeinfobackgrounds.

Fourth, name your favorite lock screen wallpaper as backgroundDefault.jpg (note that jpg is the file format, not the file name), and put it in the path described in step 3.

Five, do not need to restart the computer, use Win + L, test the results of the settings.

The simple five-step operation allows the win7 system to experience a beautiful interface like win8, and replace your favorite pictures as a lock screen background wallpaper, so that your desktop is no longer monotonous. .

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