5 Reasons Affecting Windows 7 to Enable Aero Effects


Try the following methods, listed below, for reference to similar problems, and also ask for help: 1. The system version is Home Basic or lower
This, no explanation.
2. Disabled themes service
If the themes service is disabled, the system will look like the classic style of win98.
3. The graphics card driver is not installed correctly
If the graphics card driver is not correct, the system can only open windows 7 Basic effect.
4. Desktop performance settings are not correct
& ldquo; computer - right - properties - advanced system settings - advanced - performance - settings & rdquo; under, "Enable transparent glass" or related options.
5. The color depth of the graphics card is set to 16 bits
On the desktop, 'right button - screen resolution - advanced settings - list all modes', if the 16-bit color depth mode is selected, the Aero transparency effect is invalid. .
I tried the above methods and finally did not solve the problem. If friends have other suggestions, please reply to the reference.

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