There is an error in the playback of the SWF format.


A lot of users will pop up an error message when playing the SWF format under Windows 7 system. A dialog box that does not allow operation will pop up. The warning message "The current security setting does not allow this operation" appears, but is caused by the system settings of Windows 7. Let's take a look at the problem that the author solves the error message that the SWF format is played.
Secure Access

1, Start→Run Enter “gpedit.msc”, in Windows 7, run the Group Policy Editor.

2, and then expand User Templates→Administrative Templates→Windows Components→Internet Explorer→Security Features→Local Computer Lock Security. Double-click “All Processes” on the right side of the dialog box, and click in the pop-up window. "activated".
Group Policy Editor

3, after the modification is completed, keep the settings and exit.

After this feature is disabled, there will be no error message when playing SWF format files under Windows 7. Sometimes we install multiple players and decoders and there will be incompatibility problems.

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