How to solve win7 shutdown error


How to solve win7 shutdown error windows7 tutorial

1. First press the key combination win+r to open the running window, enter eventvwr.msc and press Enter, as shown:

2 After calling the event viewer window, through the error report in the event viewer, you can find out which program or driver caused the win7 shutdown error, as shown in the figure:

3. Search through the report. The solution can be, for example, when the event viewer report concludes that the win7 shutdown error is caused by a service, the service is found in the service window and restarted.

4, or directly forced to restart the computer, and then enter the safe mode to kill, the software that may interfere with the normal shutdown, and then use the repair device for system repair, as shown:

Summary : As a result, you can solve the problem of win7 shutdown error. When you also encounter the problem of win7 shutdown error, you can use the event viewer to diagnose which aspect is wrong, and finally give a specific solution.

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