Win7 system USB interface does not respond how to solve?


How does the Win7 system USB interface not respond?

1. First open the device manager and find the corresponding device:

2. According to the method on the network, find the corresponding USB port. It is said that each device corresponds to a string of characters:

3, but how can I remember the name? Or use my soil method, an experiment, uninstall one by one, which one is uninstalled, the red light of the mouse bottom plate is off, that is the corresponding USB interface.

4, if the character is poor, big deal will unload all the USB, it will definitely include the problem. After uninstalling, restart the computer, the computer will automatically re-install all USB drivers, then plug in the mouse, the computer recognizes the installation, get it!

Just a sigh of relief, the screen pops up a warning window: “update·exe” Go to the problem, close the program &

5, this is obviously an automatic update of the problem, open the automatic update, view the settings, no problem. I crossed the warning window and jumped out after a few minutes.

6, the machine search & ldquo; update & middot; exe & rdquo; found that there are three procedures involved, find the location of the program, delete two, and one can not be deleted, is inside the browser, there should be no problem.

After a few minutes, the fault reappears. Baidu Google, various programs, various methods, all kinds of unreliable.

7, finally found a more reliable, open the task manager, looking for:

8, but, there is no "update· exe" process, almost have to think that this method is not Reliable, at this time, the error warning appears again, and the corresponding process appears in the process list, decisive right click to open the corresponding folder:

9, the original is the application of the PC version of the program, this The program is used by my WP7 mobile phone. It has not been used for a long time. Delete, the warning window no longer appears, and the troubleshooting.

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