How is the win7 system sound disabled?


How is the win7 system sound disabled?

1. You can perform a simple check. For example, if the audio power supply and connection are normal, whether the front or rear interface of the chassis is normal. If everything is ok, then go to the next ‘

2, open “Device Manager”, view the "sound, video and game controller" directory. Usually, you will find that the device is not displaying properly. As shown below, Realtek High Definition Audio is normal, but the ATI HDMI Audio column is marked with a yellow exclamation mark & ​​rsquo;

3, open the driver wizard, it is recommended to download the latest driver wizard 2011 Beta 2. Check out the “Multimedia Devices” under “Driver Updates” and a complete list of drivers that can be updated. As shown below, Realtek 昱 HDMI audio driver version 2.55; Realtek 昱 昱 HD Audio audio driver 2.57 version;

4, download and install the driver driver provides a new version of the driver, restart the system after all problems are solved.

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