How to solve the network delay of Win7 system?


1. First, we have to make sure there is no ARP attack on the LAN. This can be solved by turning on “360ARP Firewall on your computer. Open “Traffic Firewall" (found in the “More Features" list.

2, from the open "360 traffic firewall" interface, switch to the "LAN protection" tab, open "ARP active defense" to prevent LAN ARP attacks. Thereby ensuring the normal speed of the network speed.

3, next we need to limit or reasonably allocate LAN computer speed. Log in to the router background management interface, switch to the “Advanced Settings” dialog box, and assign a static IP address to your computer device.

4, then switch to “Broadband Control” ” tab, check the "Enable Broadband Control" option, set the IP address range and the network speed to be limited, and limit the computer speed except for yourself. As shown in the figure:

5, through the above method, basically solve the problem of high network delay. Of course, if the router does not have the network speed limit function, then we also need to use the "collective network management" to achieve the function of limiting the network speed of the LAN.

6, install and run the "Jusheng network management" program, click on the "Maintenance" button in the main interface, create a name from the pop-up window "Restrict LAN speed" New strategy.

7. From the "Edit Strategy" interface that opens, switch to the "Broadband Control" tab, check the "Enable Host Public Network Broadband Control" option, and set "“ Bandwidth & rdquo; & & ldquo; Downstream Bandwidth & rdquo;, click & ldquo; OK & rdquo; complete settings.

8. Click the drop-down button on the right side of the “Enable Monitoring” dialog to select the “Active Boot” mode and click the “Enable Monitoring” button to list all hosts in the current LAN.

9. Locate the computer that has a large network speed from the listed LAN hosts, right-click and select “Assign the selected host” policy. And select the newly created policy from the pop-up "Reload Assignment Strategy" window.

10, especially for the case of high latency when playing online games, Xiaobian suggested that you use the online game acceleration tool to achieve the goal of speeding up online games to reduce network delay.

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