What should I do if the win7 computer prompts the Dpp Viewer Module to stop working?

            Pop-up window is a problem that many Windows users feel very helpless, especially the friends who are operating system, suddenly a pop-up window appears on the screen, which will cause special troubles, and some pop-up windows, closed and appear again. It’s closed again and it’s very annoying. This is not, today, a user who uses the w764 flagship version to download the computer consulted that he had a Dpp Viewer Module stop working when he was operating the win7 Ultimate computer. How to solve this problem? Below, small Let's take a detailed introduction!
First, let's analyze the reason why the Dpp Viewer Module stopped working error message on the win7 Ultimate computer. In fact, this situation is mainly because the Digital Photo Professional version is too low, and the system Unable to be compatible, so we need to start with this compatibility.
1. First, let's find the desktop icon of the Digital Photo Professional program on the win7 Ultimate computer. After that, right click on the icon and select the Properties option in the slide menu.
2. In the properties window of the opened Digital Photo Professional program, we will switch the interface to the shortcut column, and then click the open file location button below.
3. After that, right click on the right button of the selected program, select Properties, select “Compatibility" in the property box, find “compatible mode”,“run this program in compatibility mode” front Hook up, then select " Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" in the drop down box.

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