System Tips: 7 Ignored Windows 7 Features

Maybe you have already done the functions of Windows 7 Aero (AeroSnap, AeroPeek, AeroShake), JumpList (jump menu), taskbar thumbnails, HomeGroup (share photos and music) Very familiar, but some hidden features in Windows 7 have not received enough attention.

Below, we summarize seven neglected Windows7 function, as follows:

1, StickyNotes (sticky notes)

If you rely on a desk and computer The yellow sticky note on the display reminds you of your work schedule, so the StickyNotes feature in Windows 7 is perfect for you.

Click the Start menu Windows7, and enter "Sticky" press the Enter key, StickyNotes application will appear on the desktop. With the StickyNotes feature in Windows 7, users can set the text of notes, change colors, resize, flip through notes, and more.

StickyNotes functions exist in Windows7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate editions.

2, Netflix

access WindowsMediaCenter in in Windows7, Microsoft's implementation of the upgrade WindowsMediaCenter, adds support for Netflix, which means Windows7PC and Xbox360 will be able to watch the same instant Internet the film. Netflix support in Windows 7 adds a powerful source for Windows Media Center's home courtyard line system.

3, calculator

in Microsoft Windows7 on the calculator to make significant changes, added a lot of useful features. The calculator in Windows 7 is not only capable of performing arithmetic, it has the following four modes: normalization, scientific, programmatic, and statistical. Win7's calculator converts Celsius to Fahrenheit, converts ounces to grams, and converts Joules to British thermal units. Templates for the Windows 7 calculator include area, length mileage, car rental, mortgage, and measurement unit conversion tools such as time, speed, weight, and more.

4, device platform (DeviceStage)

device platform Windows7 can help users manage peripherals such as printers and telephones to simplify camera, printer or cell phone connection to a personal computer. Unlike the generic device icons in the system tray, the color pictures of the devices in the Windows 7 device platform will show all applications and services. Users can also minimize these device icons to the Windows 7 taskbar and jumplist. The Windows7 device platform is suitable for compatibility with USB, Bluetooth, wireless and computer-connected products.

5, ProblemStepsRecorder (Problem Steps Recorder)

as a user familiar with computers, it may be many living in distant friends and relatives, some computer problems to you for advice. Many times, they can't clearly tell you these computer problems, which will make you very annoyed. At this time, the problem step recorder in Windows7 can help you.

your friends simply click the Start menu, type PSR, press the Enter key, then click the button to start recording. When this feature is enabled, when your friend is doing a problem, the logger will record your friends' steps one by one and compress them in an MHtml file to send to you. Undoubtedly, this is a quick, easy and efficient way to help shorten your troubleshooting time.

6, Windows7Themes (Windows7 theme)

Windows7 theme includes a desktop background, screen saver, border color and sound, it can help users create a more dynamic desktop.

Here are the steps to access the theme: Right-click the desktop, select Personalize, in the pop-up interface, the user can select the Aero themes pre-installed (including landscape, architecture and beautiful nature photography picture). Users can download more topics online, including various branded themes: Pepsi, Ferrari and more.

7, Windows7Touch (touch)

Windows7Touch If you want to use the technology, then the user is equipped with a touch screen Windows7. With the Windows 7 touch screen, users can use their fingers to surf the web, flip through web albums, watch movies, and more. Windows 7 is Microsoft's first operating system that supports multi-touch technology. Users can zoom in on the screen with their fingers. Multi-touch technology exists in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate.
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