Win8 system blue screen and reported driver power state failure how to solve?


The blue screen phenomenon is a common problem in the process of using the Win8 system. We can find the corresponding solution by error code. Recently, some users are reflecting the blue screen of the computer and prompting the driver code power state failure. What is going on? In fact, this is usually caused by hardware driver problems. So how to solve this situation? In response to this problem, the following small series for everyone to introduce the Win8 system blue screen and report the driver power state failure solution.


1, using the win + x shortcut menu opened, select & ldquo; control panel & rdquo ;, as shown below:

2, in the open control panel interface, to view the upper right icon and choose & ldquo; power options & rdquo ;, as shown below:

3, power options in the open window, click & ldquo; power button selection function & rdquo ;, as shown below:

4, in the open system setup window, click & ldquo; currently unavailable for changes provided below as & rdquo ;, shows:

5, pop-up window, setting off the bottom of the & ldquo; enable fast start & rdquo; unchecked, then click save to modify, as shown below:
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The above is the solution for the Win8 system blue screen and the driver driver power state failure. If the user encounters the above situation, you can follow the above steps. After the operation is completed, it will not There will be another error.

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