Win8 system blue screen and error system service exception how to solve?


Recently, some users are reflecting the blue screen of the computer and the error code system service exception. What is going on? In fact, this is likely to be a problem with the relevant settings of the system core file, then how to solve this situation? In fact, only the user needs to close the quick start, the following small series for everyone to introduce the Win8 system blue screen and report the solution of the system service exception.


1, click on the Start menu, open operation, an input & ldquo; control.exe & rdquo; ENTER command, as shown below:

2, select & ldquo; hardware and sound & rdquo ;, as shown below:

3, click power options under & ldquo; change the power button function & rdquo ;, as shown below:

4, click & ldquo; to change the current settings unavailable & rdquo ;, as shown below:

5, to cancel the check-off setting at & ldquo; enable fast start (recommended) & rdquo ;, then save the changes after exit, as shown below:

These are the Win8 Xiaobian to introduce the system blue screen error solutions and system service exception, if a user encounters In the above case, you can follow the above steps.

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