Win8 is often unresponsive and can't be closed. Solution


With the installation of Win8 system more and more users, various problems for win8 computers are also coming. Perhaps because the official version of the Win8 system has not been officially released, many users have encountered a strange Win8 system failure, and occasionally there will be no response in the Windows8 system and the problem cannot be closed (WWW.PC841.COM computer Pepsi). For this problem, many users can't find the reason, and there are fewer online tutorials. However, I saw a computer expert on the forum to provide solutions for everyone. Many people who have encountered Win8 unresponsive users have solved this problem. Therefore, the author also shares it with everyone here.

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Win8 often unresponsive and can not be closed solution

Sometimes this strange problem is often caused by Most software requires environment startup software, such as VC++ or .NET Framework 2.0 or higher as the startup environment. Otherwise, it will be unresponsive if it is directly opened. Therefore, we mainly check the software startup environment by first entering the control panel-program-program function. - Open or close the Windows function - Check .Net FrameWork 3.5, including version 2.0, and then download and install it. The detailed steps are as follows:

1.) First move the mouse to the lower right corner of the desktop, then pop up Interface selection control panel, as shown below:
Enter WIN8 control panel

Note: Enter the control panel. You can also move the mouse to the lower right corner under the metro interface, and the interface shown above will also appear.

2.) Then we open the "Programs and Functions" in the Control Panel, as shown below:
Open the programs and functions in the Win8 system

3.) After entering the programs and functions, we Then select “ enable or disable the Windows function & rdquo;, as shown below:
Win8 enable or disable the Windows function

4.) Finally, in the pop-up Windows8 function, check the check box to select the .Net.xx program startup environment, Finally click on the "OK" at the bottom.
Check the .Net Software Service

Note: In fact, NET is the Microsoft XML Web services platform, allowing applications to communicate and share data over the Internet, regardless of which operating system, device, or Programming language. The Microsoft .NET platform provides the need to create XML Web services and integrate these services, and the benefits to individual users are a seamless, engaging experience. Therefore, when QQ, Storm, and other software lacks this program, there will be occasional unresponsive faults, which can be solved by this method (WWW.PC841.COM computer Pepsi).

Where, the settings are all over. Generally speaking, by setting up this simple, there will be no strange phenomenon that Win8 is not responding and can't be closed later, and friends who encounter similar Win8 problems quickly go. Try it, if you think the method is good, don't forget to collect and share it.

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