Teach you to quickly learn to use windows8 system

Windows8 system has a lot of changes in operation compared to xp system, in the face of this new way of operation, many students do not know how to use, this article Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the basic operation Ways to help you quickly understand the Win8 system.

Retrieving Win8 Start Menu
Users who have experienced Win8 system will find that there is no start button and start menu in Win8, although they don't feel how important they are when using Win7 until they are cancelled. Then, I found that if there is no start button and start menu, the system is really inconvenient to use. In fact, although there is no start button in Win8, the position where the start button was placed remains a small part, just like the desktop area in the lower right corner of Win7. Move your mouse here to display a thumbnail of the Win8 Metro interface, click to switch directly to the Metro interface.

Win8 Metro interface thumbnail
Click the start button with the left mouse button to open the start menu and find the program you need. This series of operations has become a habit, so you may not pay attention to it, in fact, Win8 The start menu has not been completely cancelled. Just click the right mouse button at the location where the original start button is located, and you will see a lot of familiar features in the pop-up menu. Includes command prompt, control panel, search, run, and more.

Win8 hidden "start menu"
This hidden "start menu" does not seem to be as feature-rich as it used to be, but for users who have just accepted Win8, it is still convenient and can continue Some past usage habits make the new system no stranger.
Win8 system new shutdown method
Without the start menu, what about the shutdown? Do you want to press the power switch directly? Of course not. In Win8, there are some minor changes to the shutdown operation, and Win8's shutdown method is more than one.
Under Win8's traditional or Morden interface, point the mouse arrow to the upper right corner of the screen, and a black sidebar will appear on the right side of the screen with some function buttons.

Sliding to the right corner appears Charm bar
Clicking on the last "Settings" button will bring up six settings including network, volume, brightness, notification, power and language. Click on the "Power" button and you will see the shutdown option.

Click "Power" to select the shutdown
This is the most traditional shutdown method. If you feel that this operation is troublesome, you can also directly call up the shutdown dialog by pressing the keyboard shortcut.

Shortcut Keys Shutdown
In the Windows interface, press the “Alt+F4” key combination on the keyboard to pop up the Win8 shutdown menu. You can also perform the shutdown operation by selecting "Shutdown" in the drop-down list and then clicking the "OK" button.
Traditional interface and Morden interface switching
Morden interface is the biggest feature of Win8, it is completely different from the traditional Windows interface, and the Win8 system will open the Morden interface by default after launching, to return to the familiar Windows desktop. It's very easy to switch between the two interfaces with a mouse click or keyboard shortcut.
In the Morden interface, there is a tile called "Desktop" that can be switched to a traditional Windows desktop with a single click.

Click on the "Desktop" tile to return to the traditional Windows interface
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