How to manually bind ARP to Win8


ARP, the address resolution protocol, implements its physical address by IP address. In a TCP/IP network environment, each host is assigned a 32-bit IP address, which is a logical address that identifies the host in the Internet. So how do you manually bind the APR under the Win8 system? Let's share it.

Operation steps

Currently, ARP firewalls that support Windows 8 are still available. A number and QQ butler's own ARP firewall does not support Windows 8, so you can only manually bind ARP.

Win8 manual binding ARP method:

Run the command prompt (CMD) with administrator privileges.

Run “netsh i i show in> in the command prompt; check the idx number of the NIC to be ARP bound.

Run the command prompt & ldquo; netsh -c & ldquo; i i & rdquo; add neighbors idx IP MAC & rdquo; an ARP binding, idx idx here is step number found on the card, IP and MAC are the IP addresses and MAC addresses you want to bind, for example: netsh -c “i i” add neighbors 12 D0-27-88-C9-7C-A4.

Finally, at the command prompt, use the “arp -a” command to see if the ARP entry you added is in the list and it is static.

Unbind: netsh -c “i i” delete neighbors IDX (IDX changed to the corresponding number) to delete the MAC address binding, and then restart the system.

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