How does Win8 IE prevent the URL of the compatibility list from being cleared?


Win8 users find that when IE deletes the browsing history, the URL in the "compatibility list" is deleted. This leads to the re-adding of these URLs after each record is cleared. How to solve this problem?

It will be deleted once in a few days, so it is annoying to manually add the URL of the compatibility list every time you delete the browsing history. What is the cause?

The history automatically syncs and deletes the URLs in the compatibility list, but recently found a problem. Every time you delete a record, not all URLs in the compatibility list are deleted. There are always several websites to save. Down, after careful observation, I found out that the original URLs are all in IE's favorites!

So if you want to delete the browsing history & rdquo; do not clear < compatibility list ”, we only need to add these URLs in the compatibility list to the IE favorites, well, the problem is solved!

It should be noted that when deleting the browsing history, remember to check “Retain favorite website data”, as shown below:

If you don't know how to clean up IE browsing history, you can read "Win8 system" How to clean up IE browsing history "this tutorial to learn.

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