Win8.1 Update update failed?


Last week, Microsoft pushed the Win8.1 Update patch update to all Win8.1 platforms on the April patch day, but this update is not going well. Many Win8.1 users at home and abroad have encountered the 00× 80070002, 0× 80070003 error codes during the upgrade of Win8.1 Update, and the final installation fails.

If you are an advanced user, you can refer to the graphic tutorial compiled by IT House, and use the command to repair the Win8.1 Update update failure. For ordinary users, it is somewhat difficult.

Now, Microsoft brings an easier fix for the average user.

According to foreign media TWCN reports, Microsoft released a 2.3MB/2.6MB KB2919355 patch for 32-bit and 64-bit Win8.1 platforms, and slightly upgraded Win8.1 system maintenance tool "difficulty" ;, support for repairing Windows update 0× 80070002 and 0× 80070003 error issues.

When a file is missing during the Windows Update update, the above two error codes are prompted.

Then how can we quickly fix these two error codes, the specific reference tutorial is as follows ——

1. Open the Win8.1 control panel, and then open the Windows update under the system and security section. Manually check and install the KB2919355 patch (about 2.3MB, 2.6MB);

2. After installing the patch, the normal user needs to restart the Win8.1 system and complete the configuration;

Log in to the Win8.1 system, and then open the Control Panel "System and Security" operation center, select "difficulty"  

4, under the intractable section, open the use "Windows Update" Solve the problem;

5, run the Windows update fix;

6, when the system is detected, Windows update will automatically display a report of intractable diseases, ordinary users can choose the next step, complete Repair work;

7. When the problem is fixed, we just need to re-open the Windows Update component and re-install the Win8.1 Update.

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