Manage multiple account friends Win8.1 people experience


Nowadays, a person often has several accounts and identities, such as phone number, QQ, mail, Weibo, etc. This requires a tool that can be used to help us sort out the information. The network function of Win8.1 is the best solution to solve this problem.

First open the People app, this app is a built-in application for Win8, we can easily find him on the start screen. Here we can add our contacts, the method is also very simple. Right click on the screen, the toolbar will appear below, and the button on the right will be “New Contact”. Contacts can be created by clicking the button, including name, phone, email, and more.

Right-click on the screen to create a new

New Contact

The most common social tool for us is Sina Weibo, so let’s talk about how to associate Sina Wei Bo. In the user interface, swipe the mouse to the lower right corner of the screen, bring up the “Super Bar” and select Settings, then select “Accounts”, then click “Add Account” to see the options of Sina Weibo. .

Adding an account

The next step is to start the association. Just fill in your Sina Weibo account and password and authorize confirmation. After the synchronization is completed, we will find that the Weibo accounts we are paying attention to on Sina are synchronized to the network.

The Weibo account has also been synced.

At this time, we will associate the friends in our Weibo with the friends of the application, and select a contact to click into his personal page. In the bottom left corner, click “Common Links", click on “Select Contact” in the new window, so that you can find his Weibo in our Sina Weibo friends list. Once found, make sure that the contact is associated with his own Sina Weibo.

Associated Contacts

After successful association

As a result, on his contact information page, we can not only see regular phone calls, emails, etc. Have his Weibo information. In addition to Weibo, the accounts that can be associated with Skype, Linkedin, etc. are all done in the same way.

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