Win8 really shuts down is not into the advanced sleep state

. Win8 friends know that win8 has a quick start function, can be quickly booted, even on a computer equipped with SSD to achieve 8 seconds boot. But we must be clear that this is not a real shutdown, just let the computer enter a high-level sleep state, we can let us achieve the function of fast boot in the sleep state, that is, the so-called hybrid boot technology of win8, but our hard disk If the performance is good enough, you can't use this function at all. For example, if you have an SSD solid state hard disk, in addition to increasing the number of read and write operations of the hard disk, it is a big improvement for the booting, so we need to turn this function off, and how to achieve real. Shut down, everyone to see how our win7 Ultimate system download is how win8 really shut down. 1. Right click on the blank space in the win8 metro interface and select all applications. 2. Find the Control Panel option in the application you are using and click Open. 3. In the Control Panel Options Stand-Alone System and Security, select the function to change the power button. 4. Find the Launch Quick Launch option in the Advanced Settings, change the advanced settings, then cancel the Quick Launch, then save and exit. At this time our operation is completed, win8 can achieve a real shutdown of the depth xp system download.
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