Video: Into the future Microsoft demonstrates the future Windows interface


Microsoft demonstrated a new Windows user interface concept at the opening day of the Redmond headquarters in the US last weekend, and was invited to participate in the media sharing a short paragraph In video and video, Craig Mundie, Microsoft's chief research and strategic decision-making officer, described the user interface that Windows might adopt in the future. Mundie describes this user interface as an abstract model of events that occur in people's lives, using a separate device to manipulate the user interface through gestures. The design philosophy is to use a radar display that uses different colors to represent the level of activity or frequency of people engaging in an activity, such as using blue to represent a frequently used social network.

Mundie uses a display-independent device (which looks like a mobile phone) to navigate and switch between different features or applications.

This user interface is just one of several user interfaces developed by the Microsoft design team for future products. It is reported that Microsoft is currently developing a new 3D graphical user interface for Windows 8, Windows. 8 will use a dual user interface, a user interface will be designed with Windows Phone 7-like Live Titles, which is designed for devices such as tablets, while traditional devices use a second user interface. It is the dynamic 3D interface "Wind”.

Attached to Microsoft's various human-computer interaction design, let you "re-recognize computing":

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