Add soft subtitles to MP4 movies under Mac system

            Download the iSubtitle we want to use, which can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.
[Optional] Check if the movie has embedded soft captions: Open the movie with Quicktime, and check if there are subtitles in the menu bar - Display - Subtitles
Get the subtitles, this play yourself, you can go to the site of the shooter.

Open the movie file with iSubtitle. If you open iSubtitle directly, the software does not have a main interface. You need to open the file manually in the menu bar above.
If the title of the movie and the subtitle file match, iSubtitle will automatically recognize it. If it is not recognized automatically, you can add it manually by pressing the plus button under the right window drawer, as shown in the figure
Setting the offset, language, etc. Do not make any changes.
The language of subtitles will only appear in the subtitle language menu (multiple languages ​​can be added), which has no effect on the actual effect. If you are lazy, you can also use the default English directly.
Cmd+S can be saved, and files can be written after two or three seconds, which can be viewed on the iPad.
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